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Welcome to the "Moja Mechta" kennel site!
   Long time ago I have visited a lot of exhibitions in France, where my friends live and professionally breed Yorkshire Terriers. I have bought my first York in 1999, but that was still not a period of my professionally breeding of this wonderful breed. At last, the final decision of this question was putted by National France Yorkshire Terriers Championship, which had a place at Chamay les Macon in 2000. I have decided to do it all my life, so I was enchanted.
I decided to buy Yorks, but I was understanding, that for good breeding and professionally success I need a solidly foundation from the best material.
And on account of this foundation I have decided that the dogs from Du Domaine De Monderlay nursery (the owner - Marc Mansuet) became a basis of tribal breeding in my nursery.
I have met Marc long time ago, and because of this he wasn't surprised of my favor - to buy his dogs. He has believed me and entrusted one of the best representatives of his nursery: Sweet-Dream Du Domaine De Monderlay and Samba-Latina Du Domaine De Monderlay. With the dogs I got knowledges about breed, caring, keeping, exhibitions, breeding, and the main -friendship and entrusting of this Great Man. I've got a success especially thanks to him! I really endeavor to justify his entrusting, and not to let him down.
I hold and will hold the success my each victory for him. Later I got Shampagne Du Domaine De Mondertay (very beautiful, totally self-respected bitch which was wished by the best breeding men of the World) and of course our treasure - Durrer's Ace Paco (which are the basis in the success breeding in a lot of nurseries of the World and Europe). Not for a long time ago we bought two more wonderful Yorks: P'Titpitbul De L'eclipse Royale (magnificent, breedest, tribal mail dog) and Temptation Du Domaine De Monderlay (young and very perspective bitch).
I would like to mention, that all of dogs, which I bought are line-breeding (they got common roots), and this is important for the further breeding, where they will be used. Marc was very careful in the dog selection for me - they should be not only show-class, but should be suitable to each other - that's a difference of the Du Domaine De Monderlay dogs.
That's a result of a hard and tedious work of this wonderful breeding man with the world class name Mare Mansuet, and I am trying not to spoil the entrusted things. The result of this:
- the wonderful young bitch Moja Mechta Prima Ace (when she was 11 months old she easily deserved Young Russia Champion title);
- perspective and promising male with the funny face expression Moja Mechta Paco Robanne;
- a little and naughty Moja Mechta Radja;
- slender, long-legs top-model Moja Mechta Raquel.
We are proud of our dogs!

Always with respect to Your, Irina Alexandrova.

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